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I am a Level 3 accredited Fitness Instructor, Pilates Personal Trainer and Practitioner, specialising in Postural Rehabilitation using The Reformer with over 20 years experience.

I am an accredited Health and Lifestyle Trainer and a Mindfulness Meditation Practitioner so I can work with you to align your mind and soul to restore your inner strength.

Based in my private studio in Dormansland I can help any level at any age regain or improve core strength using a range of equipment and expertise.

About Wellbeing with Samantha


After injuring my lower back in 2000 during childbirth I was unable to tie my trainers, let alone go for a run! I was in tears with the pain on a daily basis.

I discovered Pilates and started feeling the benefits after just a few weeks. Within 3 months I was back to a slow jog and after 6 months I was able to run again.

I was so inspired I wanted to share my newfound fitness and agility and help others become pain free without the use of medication. So I started training to teach.


To become a recognised professional in this field takes years of hard work, learning, exams and supervised teaching with compulsory annual updates.

I successfully ran 12 classes a week for 5 years and then specialised in 121's working alongside Physio's.

In 2005 I gained my Level 3 Pilates Practitioner which meant I could focus on postural alignment, muscle balance testing and individualised treatment plans.

In 2016 I gained my Reformer Qualification which I believe is the most effective all round piece of equipment for core strength and stability.  


The Pilates Reformer is the best all round piece of fitness equipment available. The beauty is that anyone can use it, there is no age limit and no fitness level required, it can rehabilitate injury, improve posture, muscle tone, balance, joint mobility and, most importantly, it can help stave off injury.

Over the years of teaching I have come to realise that inner strength comes not only from our core but also from our mind and body connection, inner peace and positive psychology combined.


To compliment your postural realignment and muscle imbalance I offer deep muscle release massage therapy.


To help strengthen your mind and body connection, improve your inner strength and clear your chakras I teach mindfulness meditation.


To become the best version of yourself I offer Health and Lifestyle Training using Positive Psychology techniques.

Your inner strength is priceless and invaluable, life breaks it down and you don't make the time to rebuild it.....how can you lead a complete and fulfilling life with a broken inner strength?

Let me help you rebuild that strength

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What I Offer


 Core MOT

Personalised Plan Tailored to You

Postural assessment, muscle balance test and a personal plan to correct, align, strengthen and stretch specific areas

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